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weekly family menu {november 13 recipes}

weekly family menus back by popular demand! our weekly menus with links to a bunch of yummy recipes. as i do our weekly meal planning, i’ve heard loud and clear that it helps so many of you out as well. i love that! i went through a phase of just not meal planning much at all, so keeping a menu up for you all was a little tough. with summer and moving and settling into new schools – phew, it was a lot. i was lucky to get the family fed! but, it’s such a help to plan, and to get all that sorted before the crazy week begins, so here goes, people! let me know if you have any ideas as well!

remember – i send a ton of leftovers with the kids to school, and eat myself as lunch…so we only sometimes have them for dinner again. this might seem like a lot of cooking, but really, it feeds us for at least two meals most of the time. and i only plan four meals, so we have flexibility if we decide to go out, or the evening just gets away from us for whatever reason.



  • poached salmon – if you think fish is a tough one with kids, try it poached. the texture seems to work well, and it doesn’t have those grill marks and colors that kids seem to think will kill them.
  • middle eastern rice w vegetables – love these flavors, and versatile so you can use up whatever veggies you have on hand instead of adhering to the recipe exactly.


  • pancakes, bacon & eggs (or eggs & toast, or waffles), just breakfast for dinner! my favorite pancake recipe is here.


  • veggies, hummus, flatbread, salame, olives – easy to snack in front of a movie on a friday night! and, be sure to throw in a glass of wine for mom and dada. mkay? (ps, my kids love this type of lunch for school as well!)

hope this inspires some good menus this week – let me know what you’re cooking!

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