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whole30 week 2 {update & what I ate}

The second week of the Whole30 has been great, overall. I was feeling a bit more tired, but not necessarily throughout the day, mostly morning concentration of it. It’s second nature now, for the most part, and I like that. Keeping the focus and energy on going another two weeks seems like it will be easy enough in some ways, but tough in less significant ways. I’m determined though, just a little bored with it!

day 8 – Feeling all sorts of good today. I mean, one whole week down. Maybe that accomplishment was all I needed for this day to feel great, or maybe I was actually feeling great physically and it’s not just mental.

day 9 – Dang. Woke up not feeling not so  great, but finally realized (after several sneezes) that it was allergies. Felt amazing after taking a little allergy meds. Apparently that whole ‘many people see a major improvement in seasonal allergies’ thing doesn’t apply after just a week. And I guess I shouldn’t have stopped using my allergy meds for that whole week, just because. Sigh. I take big leaps. Also, hello bloat. I mean, if I didn’t know better, I’d think I was pregnant. This soft squishy belly leaves something to be desired, that’s for sure. Living the dream, people.

Day 10: Why in the hell am I waking up with a headache? I mean, for the love. If I have to wake up like that I better have earned it. JK. Kind of. I’m a teeth grinder at night (hello sexy night guard!), so maybe there’s been a lot of clenching going on. But still, I’m supposed to be feeling lit in the mornings right now, right? Maybe not. I don’t know. But once I get up and past that little bit, I’m feeling great. But I will say that it’s getting a little mundane. Perhaps I’ve been lazy with my meals, so I’m losing interest? Perhaps I’m just easily bored, regardless I think I need to spice some things up a little bit. Literally.

Day 11-13: All fairly uneventful. A little tired in the morning – so not sure I’m buying into the whole idea of tons of energy and waking up before an alarm. My alarm happens to be my two boys. They wake up around 6am. Sometimes before, sometimes a little after. But 6. They play in their room until their clock says 6:45. And by play I mean yell at each other, wrestle, jump off their beds. Whatever will ensure mom and dad cannot sleep. So, perhaps that’s the reason I’m still a bit tired? Or perhaps there’s something I’m consuming that’s still wearing my body down a little. We’ll see.

Day 14: So, I don’t know if I can blame this on the whole30, because I don’t feel like I’m having any dramatic swings from it, but I did not wake up happy. Is it a result of Whole30? Or am I crazy cranky because of it? Or is it just MONDAY vibes? I think probably that last one, but it’s not cool. Monday morning cranky with the boys doesn’t start the week off well. But, drop everyone off at school, and at least I have some time alone to pull it together. Or not, but that will just be torture for us all.

Menu (I’ll try to get better about actually using recipes so I can link to them. Most of the time I just throw together a bunch of stuff in a cast iron skillet and go!

day 8:

  • breakfast, two boiled eggs and fruit (breakfast on the go, baby)
  • lunch, greens and grilled salmon
  • dinner, cauliflower rice, arugula, shredded brussels sprouts & pressure cooker mexican beef

day 9:

  • breakfast, bulletproof coffee (before workout)
  • lunch, squash noodles, red sauce and meatballs
  • dinner, lamb chops, cauliflower rice & broccoli/carrots

day 10:

  • eggs over sautéed veggies
  • sliced turkey wrapped around slices of avocado, veggie salad with olive oil & vinegar
  • roast sweet potatoes, roast chicken, steamed broccoli and asparagus

day 11:

  • two boiled eggs, apple & grapes
  • chicken & vegetable soup (no pasta) – we add a bunch of other veggies too
  • leftover roast chicken, potatoes and veggies

day 12:

  • green smoothie, hazelnut & coconut bites (after spin class)
  • big veggie salad with chicken breast
  • halibut ceviche, green salad, bone broth

day 13:

  • scrambled eggs & veggies
  • chicken, cantaloupe, green olives
  • halibut ceviche, cauliflower veggie fried rice

day 14:

  • boiled eggs, fruit, cashews
  • chicken, sweet potatoes, steamed cauliflower, grilled asparagus
  • butternut squash noodles, bolognese, roast carrots & asparagus

Snacks (I have a couple of these a day, sometimes more – but they need to be low effort, I can’t cook for snacks too!):

  • olives, cashews, fruit, tuna, celery, carrots, smoothies, sliced turkey & avocado

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