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because a pillow can make us happy {and i don’t feel bad about it}

new bed pillow_1the last thing i need to do is buy home stuff for this house. but it’s a strange thing. i mean i know we’re moving. i know i’ll want to decorate the new place, and perhaps totally differently. but, i actually live here now. and something i do, is continue to improve stuff. i switch out art. i buy new rugs. i put seasonal stuff on shelves. not sure what it’s all about, but nothing is ever complete. so, i rationalized a pillow. really i want all new bedding, and maybe even a new bed. so a pillow is way more reasonable. obviously.

a pillow can do a lot. first check out the one i got, and then i have a bunch of others below that you might like. because, well, it’s hardly a remodel…but it does freshen things up and gives me a smile! i’m loving the trend of pillows with lots of texture. and given the option, go big! this one pillow makes our bed situation totally different. you totally want to touch it, don’t you?

new bed pillow_2new bed pillow_4new bed pillow_3

i was no longer able to find mine…but here are some by the same company (and others that have a similar vibe!)

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