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last weekend {favorites – recipe, outfit, moment, etc}

It was all about our birthday boss man, felix, all weekend. I mean, he really owned the whole ‘it’s my birthday, so…’ phrase – making us follow him around everywhere.’ I totally loved it, to be honest. It was such a big boy milestone. Not just the fact that he turned FIVE, but the fact that he was really into it. He was going to let us know just what he wanted, because he knew it was a special day just for him. My heart. (ps, all the photos are iphone on here – i thought i lost my memory card for my camera…but later found it in the depths of my purse…of course. sub par photos to follow, but lots of love).

favorite moment: Felix talking through an entire IMax movie about sharks. So many questions – i couldn’t stop smiling. Not sure how everyone else felt about it though…

favorite recipe: mac n cheese…in a pressure cooker. Life changing. To be honest, mac n cheese really isn’t that tough to make. But there’s something nice about being to leave it in there warm, if you’re making it for a crowd. if you still don’t have an instant pot, you can get one here (i highly recommend!).

favorite outfit: i’m loving off the shoulder everything right now. You can basically wear a tshirt, and it’s dressed up because you’re showing a little shoulder. I also think that the shoulders are one of the hottest parts of the female body – show it off! The top I have isn’t available any longer, but love all of these (and have linked to a range of prices too!).


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