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mama diaries {5 nutrition & workout tips}

omg summer is coming.

ladies, it’s about that time that we all realize summer is coming and we’re not going to be able to wear oversized sweaters forever. sigh. a little extra cheese here, a little too much wine there. you know what i’m talking about. it’s time to get down to business.

now, i’m usually not one to let myself go in the winter, i mean, i work out and eat well. but the focus is just not the same when you can throw a chunky cable knit on over your favorite boyfriend jeans. what’s a little extra cushion? am i right? so, as the hope of lovely spring weather approaches (at least for us in some parts of the country…some of you have had it for a while!), let’s talk about fitness and getting that confidence back.

this year seems to need even more focus and attention than years past…i mean, this aging thing is no joke. what, i can’t drink a couple glasses of wine every night anymore?! it’s sad realizations like that after the pounds start creeping on and not going away.

so, there’s no more hiding (like literally, because summer clothes are a hell of a lot less forgiving). let’s do this. to be honest, it really is simple, my friends. not that i’m a nutritionist or a trainer, but it’s not rocket science (yet takes some serious discipline!). eat healthy, real food. and build some muscle. basically just take care of that beautiful body of yours.

here are some of the things i am doing, to get back into feeling really good about all of it.


  1. veggies and lean meat. i mean, those make me feel good. listen to your own body, yours might be different. but when i eat like this, i just don’t feel bloated or tired. energy is a good thing.
  2. i try to work vegetables into every meal (and a lot of them). either a green smoothie or egg scramble for breakfast, sautéed veggies and fish for lunch (or salad), and a big bowl of chicken and veggie soup for dinner. just a few examples of how i do it.
  3. i try not to eat anything after dinner. gives your body a chance to digest and, um, get a break from digesting after that. this makes me feel so much better in the morning. and it might be the old lady in me, but man, i can’t sleep well if i have food in my belly! (i realize it’s totally the old lady in me)
  4. loads of water. something you’ve heard since you were 5, but i notice such a big difference. in everything really, mood, headaches, clarity, bloat, etc. get strategic with it. i drink 8-16 oz when i wake up. then i keep a massive glass of water near me at all times. something about it being in sight makes we grab it more.
  5. lay off the booze. now, this is the tough one. especially when you have plans all the time with friends, and a glass or two of wine is kind of inevitable. i’m all for it, i love wine. but know that it will definitely slow down any fitness goals you have. if you aim for just a couple glasses of wine, a couple nights a week, you should be fine. i mean, i’d never tell you to stop completely! cray.

now for the fitness part, really you need to figure out what motivates you to be active most days of the week. here’s what i like. oh, and just to point out i do most my workouts at home, or go for a run. i need that flexibility so i can squeeze it in each day.

  1. i like to workout hard. i like to be sore the next day. not everyday, but maybe three days a week i like to make sure my muscles are still there. and then fill in the other days with activities to keep it interesting. don’t get in a rut – for your body as well as mind.
  2. for the hard workouts, i have weights and do a lot of bodyweight workouts. some of my favorite online tutorials and plans below. there is SO much out there, easy to access and free.
  3. do a hard cardio workout one or two times a week. either a run or spin class for me.
  4. a yoga or pilates session to round out the week keeps the balance (literally, hehe).
  5. schedule something. sometimes you just need that pressure and accountability. this helps change things up too. for example, i love to work out early. and by love i mean i feel better the rest of the day and feel super duper productive. but i hate waking up. so, if i set my alarm for a home workout – i hit snooze until i don’t have time anymore (hubs loves that so much). but if i’ve registered for a class, you bet your ass i’m getting up. i paid for that shiz.

some of my favorite online workouts:

daily routine fitness has a ton, ones that i keep coming back to are the weighted full body workout, body weight butt burn, man maker full body workout, skip to it full body workout, dynamic bodyweight workout, full body workout.

fitness blender also has a whole bunch, so search through and find what might be of interest on a given day. a lot of times i search by how much time i want to spend working out. if i only have a little time, then i choose a short, focused one. if i’ve got 30-45 mins, then i go for more! I’ve tried this, this and this, and loved them all. i feel like the time goes by pretty quickly, which is always a good thing! they also do a good warm up and cool down, which i always miss if i’m not instructed specifically to do it.


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