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last weekend {series}

we had a pretty normal, laid back weekend around here. prepping the house for sale still, a little painting, lots of cleaning and laundry and such. so nothing really epic happening since we have so much to do. but even so, i love to remember the little things…because they are special too.

my favorite moment: hearing the boys chat in their beds before we all got up in the morning. they were quoting movies and laughing uncontrollably. (yes, we still have monitors for their room…peace of mind…don’t judge)

my favorite quote: chris: ‘remember to be careful, there’s wet paint over there’. remy, holding up hands white with paint: ‘don’t worry, i remembered.’ (cheeky boy)

my favorite recipe: instant pot lemon chicken (just cook 10-15 mins, which the recipe doesn’t detail!), find it here. oh also, it calls for white cooking wine. i love a dinner that does this – because then the bottle is open, and demands drinking! as if you needed a reason.

my favorite outfit: just a t-shirt and jeans kinda day on sunday. everything below are staples in my closet. seriously, you can’t beat the fit of this shirt.

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