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wall hanging {diy}

if you’re anything like me, you’ve been coveting all the gorgeous wall hangings out there (if if you’re like my husband…then you do not feel the same way. at all). since we’re prepping to sell our home and move across the country, i don’t really want to buy much decor – i will definitely change my mind on things when in a new space. so, i was inspired by my girl lori over at wild & grizzly! she’s such a fun mama, who happens to have very good taste, including in little boy’s names.

anyway, i took on this little project for a corner in our living room, and just love how it turned out. now, it’s not like those amazing ones you can buy on etsy – but it sure scratches the itch i had for one. at least for now!

you just need some yarn, wooden beads and a rod (or stick from the yard, which i actually think would look better than mine).

head over to wild & grizzly to see a little how to. and don’t be afraid to change it up a little – you’ll notice i did things a little differently based on materials i could find and current obsession with braids. it’s the perfect weekend project. and don’t worry – if you’re not that into the diy thang, i got you. a bunch of options below that you can just buy! check em out at the end!

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