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eyebrows {follower recommendations}

i have some sad sad eyebrows. and when i brought that very important issue up on my instagram stories (clearly the place to go for advice), the response was unreal! i just love this community of ladies, trying to help a sista out. it’s either that or my eyebrows are really that bad and everyone felt sorry for me. you’re all just relieved i finally asked! regardless, i wanted to share everyone’s recommendations with you – in case you’ve been in a similar situation. i mean, the brows are said to be ‘the most important facial feature’ – and i’ve been basically ignoring them for years.

  • microblading (semi-permanent. not ready for this yet – but love some of the results i’ve seen!)
  • threading (love the recommendation to rub baby orajel on first to lessen the pain!)
  • brow pencil, wax powder, brow gels, etc.
  • and this video by lauren curtis was the favorite video that was recommended to me. she has my coloring, but i found the technique and step by step guide really helpful. clearly i’m a 12 year old girl. it’s cool. my mom never taught me to put on makeup.

since i’m not jumping into microblading right now – i’m all about the shaping and the products. while i definitely need some professional shaping, and will be making an appt stat, funny thing is that i have a lot of the product recommendations on hand. apparently i just haven’t been using them quite right. obviously.

now, i know i’ll never be one of those people that has brows to envy, but at least mine will be adding a little value to my face situation.


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