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insane shopbop sale {favorites}

i’m cheap AF. let’s just get it out there. i still have my blowdryer from college. and that was a few more years back than i’d like to admit. i use things until they die. and then i fix them, and use them until they can no longer be revived. so, it’s safe to say i love a sale. i love quality as well, so i find myself waiting for the good stuff to discount. but here. here you’ve got an amazing selection. i mean – some of this stuff is on crazy sale and it’s amazing.

i’ve clearly got a monochromatic thing going. i’m not going to lie. but i think that’s what you do when you select for a closet that you like to mix and match. here are my favorites of the bunch! okay. i’m ready for warmer weather now!

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first up: denim

next: rompers

next: dresses

next: accessories

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